Your Role in a Record-Setting Campaign

What a Difference a Donor Makes

You have taken the Centennial Campaign above and beyond its goal of $4.2 billion to support UCLA’s mission of education, research, and service. Your gifts have changed learning and lives, welcoming students to campus, advancing the search for cures, and putting knowledge to practical use in courts, clinics, and communities. And they’re the foundation for a second century of UCLA making the world say, “Wow!”

Your Giving Has Been Grand! We’re Grateful.

Gifts large and small — from first-time donors and longtime friends — mark UCLA’s historic first century and light the way for the next.

View of Janss Steps (center), Royce Hall (left), and Powell Library (right) from Wilson Plaza
Number of gifts 574,503
Less than $1,000466,614 (81%)
More than $1M725
People stand in a circle with their hands stacked one on top of another.
Total Donors 219,843
Student Support32,754
First Time126,934
Less than $1,000197,354

Gifts in Action

From medical research to scholarships for middle-income students, from philosophy to faculty chairs, from the arts to improved spaces, donors give to UCLA to promote their passions — and progress.

Student Support

Three male students read books while sitting at tables in a study space.
$665 Million*

The Centennial Campaign saw the creation of 1,141 scholarship funds. They result in a return on investment like no other by opening doors to higher education, which creates socioeconomic mobility and the leaders of tomorrow.

*Includes Chancellor’s Centennial Scholarship Match funds

Faculty Support

A professor points at a diagram on a monitor.
$391 Million

During the Centennial Campaign, donors gave to support faculty in myriad ways, including by helping UCLA establish its 500th endowed chair, a university’s most important tool to attract and keep renowned faculty who ensure the best in research and education.


Three women wearing lab coats and eye protection work in a lab.
$2.6 Billion

Money raised for research, innovation, and programs helps UCLA come up with new ways to contribute to the public good, like a public university should.

Designated Discretionary

A female student, with more people in the background, listens to a speaker.
$1.1 Billion

Donors earmark designated discretionary funds for specific campus areas, and UCLA uses them for a variety of purposes, including to support student scholarships and faculty research.


View of Royce Hall towers from ground level
$761 Million

Gifts to renovate, enhance, and create campus facilities ensure that students and faculty learn and work in cutting-edge spaces, with technology that empowers them to succeed.

Success Across Campus

When UCLA’s breadth of endeavors and its broad donor base join forces, they’re a force for good felt all over the world.