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Vantage Point

A singer performs on stage with “Let There Be” on the screen behind her.
Singer India Carney performs at an event for the Centennial Campaign, which has raised more than $2.7 billion toward the $4.2 billion goal.

Mark this happy milestone: The Centennial Campaign for UCLA recently passed the campaign midpoint on the calendar, and we’ve raised more than $2.7 billion toward the $4.2 billion goal. In fact, in fiscal year 2015–16, UCLA broke fundraising records with nearly $664 million dollars in gifts and pledges. Remarkable gifts — of all sizes and to support many diverse areas — are strengthening UCLA’s mission of education, research, and service.

This past year also brought significant changes to UCLA’s Alumni Association, which transitioned to an “all-in” membership donor model in 2015. The change expanded Alumni Association membership from 92,000 to 515,619. In the first full fiscal year, the program brought in 3,141 gifts totaling $1.24 million, one-third of which were from first-time donors.

Two infographics: First is an octagon with “Fiscal Year ’16 total raised: $664M of $600M goal” in the center and a 111% marker; caption reads, “We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but donors helped UCLA break another record!” Second is a circle graphic partially filled at 65%, with “Campaign raised to date:  $2.7B of $4.2B goal” in the center; caption reads, “Three more years to go, and UCLA is more than halfway to goal.” Remaining factoids include 309,369 campaign gifts; 144,940 campaign donors; and 294,077 (95%) campaign gifts less than $10,000. Data as of 6/30/2016.

The numbers represent much more than dollars raised; they represent UCLA donors’ spirit of commitment and confidence in the university to use their gifts for the greater good. UCLA and forward-looking philanthropists share a vision of a better world, and every single dollar represents another step toward that end.

From this vantage point, we can see more clearly — and are more excited than ever about — what the campaign can make possible for UCLA and every community and cause UCLA touches. From better access to education to discoveries that are changing the course of health care to artistic achievement to principled business — take a moment to reflect on the endeavors you’ve read about on this site. Then imagine what UCLA and you can make possible through philanthropy in the next three and a third years.

Published September 2016

Female director wearing a headset views footage during a shoot.

Across campus, cultures, and disciplines, giving makes gains.

A male kisses a smiling female on the cheek; she is wearing glasses and nearly bald.

Across campus, cultures, and disciplines, giving makes gains.

Four diverse students wearing UCLA shirts discuss notes while sitting on the grass.

Across campus, cultures, and disciplines, giving makes gains.

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