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Strength in Numbers

Royce Hall with Janss Steps to the left and grassy slope in foreground
Through the Centennial Campaign, UCLA donors are supporting a new era of innovation in education, research, and service.

How does UCLA top having its best fundraising year ever? By surpassing the Centennial Campaign goal 18 months ahead of schedule. Through donor generosity, the university is breaking records and barriers, making history and a better world.

Topping the Charts

In an extremely strong showing, UCLA surpassed the $4.2 billion threshold early, thanks to a record-breaking 2017–18 fiscal year. During the 12 months ending June 30, UCLA raised more than $880 million. UCLA’s previous highest total was $664 million in FY 2015–16. Imagine what 2018–19 can bring — and what it will bring to bear on society!

Through gifts of all sizes from philanthropic partners representing a wide array of interests, the campaign is advancing life-changing work in medicine and health, arts and culture, equity and inclusion, STEM, law and justice, humanities, student scholarship, and the educational experience — to name a few. Many donors have redoubled their commitment by giving again and again to advance UCLA’s public mission of teaching, discovery, and service.

Continuing to Climb

“We are deeply inspired by the support we have seen for UCLA during this campaign,” says UCLA Chancellor Gene Block. “The success is a testament to the great value our university brings to people locally and globally.”

Anthony (Tony) Pritzker, who co-chairs the campaign with Garen Staglin ’66, P ’01, says, “It’s inspiring to witness all that UCLA, a world-class institution, has accomplished and to imagine the tremendous influence it will have in its next century.”

That work and the fundraising go on! Inspired by emerging and not fully funded priorities, including scholarships and the UCLA Grand Challenges; the quest for continued excellence; the palpable energy of the campaign; and gratitude — we’re still going strong.

Published September 2018

Male dancer in hoodie and jeans performs a fancy dance move in a wood-paneled area.

Gifts of all sizes are advancing an array of interests, including arts and culture, equity and inclusion, and student scholarship.

Three female students in safety glasses and lab coats focus on their work.

Graduate and undergraduate students have opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research projects.

Four students, including one in a wheelchair, converse as they walk across campus.

Through donor generosity, the university is breaking records and barriers, making history and a better world.

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