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Life is On

Four Love is On event attendees, including Dr. Dennis Slamon, Ron Perelman, and Halle Berry, pose in front of a Revlon Love is On backdrop.
Revlon makes another generous gift to cancer research at UCLA, supporting the work of Dr. Dennis Slamon.

Revlon’s new brand platform, Love is On, is about love and positivity, and it encompasses the company’s new philanthropic plan of fewer, bigger, and more influential gifts to women’s health initiatives.

A recent $1 million donation to Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program, directed by Dr. Dennis Slamon, continues Revlon Chair Ronald O. Perelman’s generous giving to cancer research at UCLA. Revlon global brand ambassador Halle Berry attended the luncheon honoring Slamon, which served as the Love is On kickoff in Los Angeles.

Breakthroughs in Treating Breast Cancer

Since 1990, the largesse of Revlon and Perelman has played an enormous part in making possible Slamon’s remarkable work in breast cancer research. They have provided millions of dollars in support for breast cancer research and helped expedite FDA approval of Herceptin, an accomplishment that changed breast cancer from a death sentence to a treatable disease. But Slamon did not stop there; he led the recent decade-long development of Ibrance, a pioneering new drug to treat the most common form of breast cancer. The FDA approved it in January 2015.

“Our work is far from over, but the tremendous advancements we have made in the field of breast cancer treatments — and the role of Revlon’s and Ron’s support in getting us here — cannot be overstated,” says Slamon.

For breast cancer patients, thanks to gifts like those from Revlon, life indeed is on.

Published September 2015

Attendees around their tables listen to a speaker at the Love is On event.

A luncheon honored Dr. Dennis Slamon and served as the Love is On kickoff in Los Angeles.

Three people, including Dr. Dennis Slamon and Halle Berry, hold up Revlon’s oversized $1 million check made out to the UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program.

The new gift to Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program continues a history of generosity for cancer research at UCLA.

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