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Inspired to Aspire

Family hugging on campus
UCLA helps people from all walks of life walk onto campus and a path to success.

Offering educational opportunities is the best way to promote equality and well-being across demographics — meaning more people prosper. Toward that end, one of UCLA’s main missions is to help people from all walks of life walk onto campus and a path to success.

Hard-Won Opportunity

Scholarship support lays that path for students of merit without the means to attend the university. One such student is Celeste B. Gomez ’20, a first-generation college student and the eldest of three children who grew up in Los Angeles. “I am inspired by my family to put all the hard work and effort into my studies,” she says. Thanks to that hard work — and to the power of philanthropy — Gomez received TheDream.US Scholarship and the Doucette-Yakut Scholarship, enabling her to attend her “perfect choice.”

Ready to Change the World

Now Gomez is making the most of her time at UCLA, exploring a plethora of interests and disciplines, from economics to English to political science. “I look forward to learning so much more at UCLA,” she says. “I am not yet completely clear about what career I will pursue, but I know I want to be someone with a bright future who can give back to others and create change in the world.”

Those are noble aspirations, and UCLA will nurture them all the way.

Published December 2017

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