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Engineering Up

Looking up the side of the UCLA Engineering VI building, brick and glass and sky
The new UCLA Engineering VI building reaches skyward with a view towards new achievements and progress.

The new flagship facility for UCLA Samueli School of Engineering is up — and stunning. Engineering VI’s design and prominent location on campus befits the school’s reputation and vision.

Connecting UCLA and the World

The new building will house the computer science department. UCLA engineers and computer scientists have helped connect the world seamlessly and securely since sending the world’s first Internet message in 1969, and the new building will facilitate connections, too. It strategically links to Engineering IV and V and UCLA’s main campus and includes a 250-seat auditorium/lecture hall with state-of-the-art distance learning capabilities. Interactive spaces of various configurations also will enable the collaborative work of the department.

A Collaborative Effort

Donors have played and continue to play an important role in creating this dynamic environment for innovation and education. More than 15 donors have given significant support to the project, associating their legacies with this important landmark and with a brighter future for all.

From this sustainable, modern space that integrates outdoor areas and natural light, UCLA will forward efforts in machine learning, cybersecurity, networking and future Internet, artificial intelligence, and more — all toward very real progress.

Published March 2018

One scholar points out a colorful image on a computer screen for a colleague.

The new building will encourage collaboration among UCLA Samueli engineering students.

Four students converse as they walk down a hallway with glass windows.

The new building will encourage collaboration among UCLA Samueli engineering students.

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