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Engineering Advances

Humanoid robot demonstration
UCLA Samueli is making significant strides — in educational esteem, research results, and campaign success.

The first things engineers devise are ideas. From there, they put together technologies, processes, and materials to make things anew. And if they are engineers and students at UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, they then apply their innovations to world-changing work going on in a number of other fields.

Rising to the Top

Under the leadership of outgoing Dean Vijay K. Dhir, engineering at UCLA has risen remarkably in stature. Ranked among the top ten public engineering schools in the country, the school has seen a dramatic rise in the number of faculty members elected to the National Academy of Engineering, one of the field’s highest professional honors. At an event held Nov. 6, 2015, to celebrate UCLA Samueli’s exciting successes and Centennial Campaign momentum, Henry Samueli ’75, MS ’76, PhD ’80 said, “I could not be prouder to have my name associated with this school.”

Innovation That Improves Lives

Consider these accomplishments advanced by outside funding and brought to you by UCLA Samueli: interactive apps that serve as pocket physician assistants, tracking, testing, and collecting data that will help people and their doctors predict and prevent disease and manage chronic conditions. A device that enables your mobile phone to detect allergens, such as peanuts and gluten, in food. Research that is helping to make concrete buildings better able to withstand earthquakes. Artificial limbs with more sensation. Devices to predict and protect the brain from injury. Evidence-based input that informs national cybersecurity and technology policies. And robot THOR-RD, designed for disaster response and able to perform complex, dangerous tasks without putting human lives at risk.

Partners for Progress

In short, UCLA engineers and engineering students are collaborating to devise better lives. And philanthropists are among our most important collaborators, propelling innovation through financial contributions. Generosity continues to engender many of our engineering successes. The school had a record-breaking year for fundraising in the first year of the campaign, raising nearly $42.6 million.

Published December 2015

Female researcher holds up a petri dish with microchips fastened inside.

UCLA Samueli students and researchers are making advances that improve lives.

Close-up of complex microchip under a microscope

UCLA Samueli students and researchers are making advances that improve lives.

UCLA professor oversees a humanoid robot demonstration.

UCLA Samueli students and researchers are making advances that improve lives.

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